Registered charity number: 1111574

The Son-Rise Programme

Son-Rise is a child-centred, one-on-one programme for children with autistic spectrum disorders run by parents across the world from their own homes.

It is a therapy based on respect, love and acceptance where parents learn how to help their children dramatically improve in all areas of learning and development.

Families are taught how to create the best learning environment for their child by setting up a distraction-free playroom and are given guidance and training on how to run and develop their individual programmes by specially trained Son-Rise teachers.

The stimulating, high energy therapy was created by an American couple, Barry and Samahria Kaufman when their son, Raun, was diagnosed as severely and incurably autistic.

Instead of following medical advice to institutionalise their son, the Kaufmans designed a programme to reach their son which was a complete departure from existing methods of treatment.

He was transformed from a mute, withdrawn child with an IQ of less than 30 into a highly verbal, socially interactive youngster with a near-genius IQ.

Raun, who bears no traces of his former condition, later graduated from an Ivy League university and is now CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America, which was set up in 1983 to help families and individuals from across the world how to help their autistic children.

In the UK and Eire, where hundreds of families have been helped by Son-Rise, the first step normally is to attend one of the Start-up courses which are held every year in London.

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